About us

Selecta HTC® is a recognised own brand, developed by us for over 28 years. Presence on the zoological market for such a long time gave us basis to create the offer of products tailored to the needs of almost every Client.

Selecta HTC is the seller of following brands:
• SUPREME and Herba SUPREME – line of care Products that includes natural herbal extracts. Products created for everyday care of animals with skin problems. High-end products intended for the conscious and demanding Customer.
• FAFI – line of basic care Products for everyday use, including shampoos enhancing prevention against ectoparasites.
• MAX – line of biocidal Products against ectoparasites: collars, drops, sprays.
• Herba MAX – line of herbal care products supporting prevention against ectoparasites.




Our mission is to meet the needs of all of our Clients, through providing them with products of highest quality, as well as the highest standards of customer service.


We want to strenghten our position on the European pet market through constant development of care products for small animals.
We want to extend the cooperation with groomers, breeders and veterinary clinics.
Observing the development of the market in the sector Private Label, we are looking for new business partners , for which we will be producing care and supportive treatment Products under their own brands.

About our company

We started our business on 1993, as a pet wholesaler Selecta HTC. For the first few years we were closely cooperating with the relevant Dutch market. The first imported products were collars against fleas and ticks, that quickly took over a large part of the Polish market and enriched the offer of products against ectoparasites for small animals.

Since several years, we have been the representative in Poland of the Chemical Laboratory NBP, producer of a wide range of Products against insects. In the year 2000, we bought the factory ZPH Mawips, producer of shampoos for dogs and cats FAFI. Through cooperation with specialists from the fields of chemistry and veterinary medicine, we perfected bought formulas and technology of production, as well as enlarged the asortment of care products for small animals.

We have a modern, automatic production line, which enables production in a closed system.

For many years, responding to the demands of Polish market, we adjusted the offer to the needs of the consumers, from shops and warehouses (pet and veterinarian) to supermarket chains. We sell the products we produced and imported under the registered name Selecta HTC, in Poland and abroad.

However, we are more and more often producing and packing products for the Customers under their own brand. This applies to wholesale customers as well as to chain stores. We offer to our regular business Partners attractive business terms. In case of interest, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

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