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Selecta HTC®

Selecta HTC® is a recognised own brand, developed by us for twenty years. Presence on the zoological market for such a long time gave us basis to create the offer of products tailored to the needs of almost every Client.

Selecta HTC is the owner of brands:

Fafi – line of care Products for everyday use, including shampoos enhancing prevention against ectoparasites.

SUPREME and HERBA SUPREME – line of care Products that includes natural herbal extracts. Products created for everyday care of animals with skin problems.

Max and maxBIOCIDE– line of biocidal Products and supporting prevention against ectoparasites: collars, drops, sprays.

Herba MAX– line of herbal care products supporting prevention against ectoparasites.

In relation with a dynamic growth of our company, we are looking for distributors in the entire territory of Poland.

We aim our offer at wholesalers, breeders, owners of zoological and veterinarian chain stores.

Benefits from cooperation:

  • opportunity to develop own company through cooperation with Selecta HTC
  • incentive bonus system, resulting from the achieved sales, settled quarterly
  • high quality, free trainings concerning products, their use and purpose

We also offer:

  • qualitative and organisational support, as well as guardianship of a coordinator, assigned to cooperate with you
  • attractive incentive system

How to become a Trade Partner?

If you are interested in cooperation with Selecta HTC, please contact us at

tel.: 535 934 864 or through e-mail:

After receiving your application, we will contact you as soon as possible, in order to determine the date of starting further discussions on the subject of establishing trade cooperation.


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