SUPREME Care Drops for Dogs

Article number: SE-6034

Product for : Dog.
Unit package: 1 x 1,5ml.
Bulk package: 20 pcs.
Purpose: For adult and young dogs of big races from 4th month of age. Herbal oils give shine and healthy appearance to hair coating. They improve the condition of skin, reduce itching and prevent animals from scratching. Fresh, herbal aroma repels ectoparasites and insects such as: fleas, mosquitoes, midges, which is an additional function of the drops Herba Supreme Spot On. Recommended for adult animals and youngs from 4th. month of age. Herba Supreme Spot On works from few hours after application up to 4 weeks. Product with very low impact on natural environment.
Best use: 2 years from the date of production.
Only for pets
Use according to the information on the labelling.


Apply 1,5 ml of the product directly on the animal’s skin (after opening the hair coating) on the neck, between shoulder blades, potentially also at the base of a tail. 1,5 ml is enough for animals with 11-25 kg of weight. If the animal weighs 26-45 kg use 2 droppers, above 45 kg 3 droppers at minimum three places along the spine. After application, do not let the animal to lick the product.

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