HERBA SUPREME Silky Hair Shampoo

Article number: SE-7239

Product for: Dog, Cat
Volume: 250ml.
Bulk package: 12 pcs.
Purpose: A mild shampoo with herbal extracts for delicate skin and hair coating of allergic animals. The shampoo makes hair coating soft and shiny. Marigold mitigates irritations, field horsetail strenghtens and nourishes hair roots, aloe makes hair coating flexible and shiny. Thanks to the mild formula, the product can be used on animals from the 3rd month of age. Without SLS/SLES, harmful parabens, colorants and fragrance.
Best use: 24 months from the date of production.
Only for pets
Use according to the information on the labelling.


Apply on wet hair coating and spread to create foam. Wash down with a lot of lukewarm water. Repeat the actions. Protect eyes and ears of the animal.

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