As the manufacturer, we  produce own brands for our customers, supporting them with our know-how and experience, from the design stage to the final product.



Extensive knowledge and production potential enable us to provide services in the sector Private Label.As the experienced business partner, present on the market for 20 years, we offer to the Clients (warehouses, chain stores) comprehensive and professional service, as well as products of the highest quality.We treat each Client individually, preparing products that fulfil their needs. As part of services Private Label, we provide assistance on every stage of the process of production:

  • selection of formula (we prepare samples for testing and acceptation) or production according to the entrusted formulas,
  • graphic project of the product (cooperation with a graphic artist),
  • consultancy in the scope of choosing a package, packing of goods.

Flexible production potential allows to produce, under the Client’s brand, every quantity of the ordered assortment. The edge of our Company is the production minimum, that starts from the level of no more than 500 items of the finished product. It is especially important for the smaller companies, which would want to introduce on the market their own assortment, while limiting the initial expenses and financial risk. Production potential:

  • automated potential
  • own laboratory as well as quality control department
  • professional staff
  • cooperation with providers of raw materials, that fulfil the European quality norms
  • handling Polish and foreign Clients


Trade offer in the sector Private Label includes the full assortment of cosmetics and Products, enhancing prevention against ectoparasites (collars, drops, liquids) for small animals.

Along with our knowledge and experience, we offer our Clients products at prices adequate to the expected quality, with full coordination and technical-consulting support.


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