Herba MAX
Herbal Collar for Dogs Supporting the Prevention of Ectoparasites – 75 cm

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This product supports prophylaxis against ectoparasites.

Product appearance: Collar for outdoor use in the form of a belt 75 cm of length. Waterproof.
Purpose: Recommended for adult animals, young from 3rd month of age weakened and delicate. Care and cosmetics are the major purposes of the product. Constant use of the collar ensures fresh and hygienic effect. Herbal oils give hair coating gloss and healthy look. They improve the general condition of skin, reduce itching and prevent animals from scratching. Above that, fresh, herbal aroma discourages ectoparasites and insects such as: fleas, mosquitoes, midges from residing in animals’ hair coating, which is an additional function of the collar Herba MAX.

Product for: Dog.
Colour: Green
Length: 75 cm
Art. No: SE-0025
Unit package: 1 item.
Bulk package: 20 items.

Best use: 2 years from the date of production.
Only for pets.
Use according to the information on the labelling.

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Collar for outdoor use, in the form of a belt 75 cm of length, made from polyvinylchlorid. From the belt, essential oils are slowly oozing out. After removing from the packaging, adjust the length of the collar to the circuit of the animal’s neck (it should be longer for approximately 1-2 cm), excess should be cut off. The belt has a fastener allowing for easy regulation.

Storage conditions

Recommended storaging in dry room, in original packaging, in temperatures 5-25°C. Store in a place inaccessible for children, away from foods and drinks.


Mixture of Herbal Oils.