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Collar for Cats – 43 cm

Collar for outdoor use in the form of a belt 43 cm of length. Waterproof.
Active ingredient: Margosa extract 4,5-4,8 g/100 g.

Purpose: Product intended for deterring outdoor parasites, such as fleas on dogs (including kittens from the 3rd month of age, pregnant, weak and lactating females). Works for 4 months.

Product for: Cats.
Length: 43 cm
Color: Red
Art. No: SE-7499
Unit package: 1 item.
Bulk package: 20 pcs.

No. of trade permit for a biocidal product: 6860/17
Best use: 2 years from the date of production.

Only for pets.
Use according to the information on the labelling.



Remove the collar from the packaging and adjust it to the circuit of the animal’s neck. The collar should be longer for 1-2 cm. Excess of the collar should be cut off. The belt has a fastener allowing for regulation of length of the collar, according to the circuit of the animal’s neck. The collar has a security system that allows cat to be released in the event of overmuch pressure on the neck. The collar shows activity from the moment of placing the product on an animal’s neck.


Do not use with kittens below 2nd month of age.

Storage conditions

Store in dry, ventilated room, in the original packaging, in a room temperature. Protect from light. Store away from food and drinks. Protect from children. Unpacked product and packaging can be thrown away along with municipal solid waste.


Margosa extract 4,5-4,8 g/100 g.

Material safety data sheet: Download