Biocidal collar for Dogs – 75 cm

Product appearance: Collar for external use. Strap with a length of 75 cm. Waterproof.

Purpose: Product intended for deterring and exterminating fleas and ticks of dogs. Collar MAX shows biocidal activity in 48 hours from placing the product on an animal’s neck. Acts as a repellant for 120 days, protects the animal from an invasion of insects. Use with adult dogs, as well as puppies from 4th month of age, pregnant bitches and in the lactating period.

Product for: Dog.
Color: Brown, Red, Black
Art. no: SE-0902 (brown 75 cm), SE-7116 (red 75 cm), SE-7123 (black 75 cm)
Unit package: 1 item.
Bulk package: 20 pcs.

No. of trade permit for a biocidal product: 6861/17
Best use:
 2 years from the date of production.
Only for pets.
Use according to the information on the labelling.




Remove the collar from the packaging and adjust it to the circuit of the animal’s neck. The collar should be longer for 1-2 cm. The belt has a fastener allowing for regulation of length of the collar, according to the circuit of the animal’s neck. Wash your hands after placing the collar.


Do not use with young animals in an age below 3 months.

In case of allergic reaction, remove the collar from the animal’s neck and bath it using soap or shampoo. Wash down the foam with a lot of water.

Unwanted effects

In case of an allergy to the essential oils, sporadic, local sensitisations may occur, particularly when the collar is too tight.

Storage conditions

Recommended storaging in dry room, in original packaging, in temperatures 5–25°C. Protect from light. Store in a place inaccessible for children, away from foods and drinks.


Active ingredient: margosa extract 4,5 – 4,8 g / 100 g.

First aid

In case of alarming symptoms occuring (allergic reaction, persistent irritation), consult with a doctor. After contact with skin: wash the skin down with a lot of water. After contact with eyes: attentively wash contaminated eyes with water for 5 – 10 minutes. Avoid strong jet of water for the risk of damaging cornea(s). Protect the uncontaminated eye, remove contact lenses.